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Amazing facts about water
Posted on : 2014-07-02 06:11:39

Amazing facts about water

Water is considered the source of life the world over. However, due to its wide availability, many people tend to take water for granted. There are amazing facts about water that will wow you to no end.  You will look at water with new respect at the end of this article

Amazing facts about water:
1. You can drink about 40 cups of water per day without any side effects. Anything more than that and there is a serious chance of getting water intoxicated.
2. Water intoxication refers to the dilation of sodium levels in the body. It has the same effect as alcohol, except that it directly affects the brain activity. Usually, people who engage in intense sports activities are prone to water intoxication. You can find more information about water intoxication in class twelve science notes.
3. Around 70 percent of the human adult body is made up of water. Any decrease in this level can actually cause dehydration and strokes.
4. Daily intake of water should not be in a liquid form. Some of it should come from fruits and vegetables that naturally contain water content. This does not mean you should gorge on soft drinks and other junk drinks. Most of them contain caffeine that prevents water from reaching vital parts. You can get more information about the correct ways of water intake from board learning notes as well.
5. Water is a very strong liquid. It can dissolve a variety of things and is renowned as the one liquid that dissolves the most substances. When water flows from one place to other, it carries with it nutrients, minerals and chemicals.
6. The earth surface is up to 75 percent water.
7. The same water that existed millions of years ago still constitutes the bulk of earth’s water content. It is because of the earth’s property of being a closed system, ‘terrarium’. The property is unique in that the earth does not lose or gain any extra matter.
8. Even though the maximum part of the earths’ surface is covered with water, humans can use only about three tenths of the total percentage. The rest has to be expensively treated
to be fit for drinking.
9. If you are feeling thirsty, it means that your body has lost over 1 percent of its water content and is a signal that it needs to be replenished.
10. Pure water is neither acidic nor basic. It has a neutral base of pH 7.
The above 10 amazing facts will help you to reinforce the importance of pure water. Save water and you save precious lives.


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