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5 Essential tips to study Geography
Posted on : 2014-07-02 06:06:38

5 Essential tips to study Geography

Many students all over the globe dislike geography as a subject. Nonetheless, you should know that with the right guidance and tips, geography could actually take an interesting turn. Brace up and prepare to go through this easy guide to help you score better.
Read through the below-mentioned tips to help you sharpen your geography skills.
1. Spark that interest- Without any interest, it is technically impossible to learn and if you do learn that would be mugging. Quit this jazz and begin from scratch, taking interest in the subject this time. Apart from what your textbook teaches, take to the internet and try finding some more additional information about that place. This will keep you intrigued and entertained at the same time.
2. Get the books beforehand- This might be a new approach for you, keeping in mind you hate the subject. However, try this! Get a hold of the books, notes and information beforehand. Consider going through these notes cover to cover. You do not need to memorize stuff, just read- with interest.
3. Jot down pointers- You might have heard this advice from many of your teachers, nonetheless, it’s worth the effort. When in geography class, take notes on a daily basis. This is a great way of highlighting the important information. This is extremely useful during exams, as all you need to do is go through the highlighted stuff, using it as a base for learning each chapter at a time.
4. Form a study group- Manage to get a few students to help you study better. A study group is effective, as you could quiz each other on geography lessons. Be sure to cover each chapter thoroughly. This will encourage you to study harder and with more concentration, if done the right way.
5. Take help from CD study packages- Thanks to technology; you can now get access to a host of CD study materials that can help you prepare better with complete ease. If you’re a CBSE board student, just type in the keywords ‘Buy CBSE CDs’ online and get a host of CD packages made available for you to choose from. You could also opt for subject combos to help you. So, if you’re a student in the 9th grade, just look for ‘Class 9 Combo CDs’.
So, prepare to surprise yourself with your newly found interest in geography and the high grades you could score if taken every point seriously!
All the very best!
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