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ICSE Topper’s secret tips for class 10 students
Posted on : 2014-05-29 03:06:48

ICSE Topper’s secret tips for class 10 students

If you’re a student who belongs to the ICSE board and are struggling to cope up with the broad portion, here is an article that will assist you in studying well. A fact that is overlooked by many students is that the ICSE board requires you to complete your syllabus ahead of time. Not only this, you need to be well-planned and acquainted with what you will do next and so on. You’ve got to concentrate on subjects that you are weak in and strategize a plan for each subject.

How to study more effectively?
What helps ICSE students immensely is solving as many sample question papers, as possible. Have a hand written plan that directs you to the chapters you need to learn and what are already covered, per subject systematically. You should also stay flexible and expect a few minor changes in the plan as you go by.
Per subject advice:
 To begin with, stay close to your textbooks. They are the ones that contain every single thing that will be asked to you during the exams.
This subject is simple, so consider sticking to your textbook, as compared to other guides and notes. You need to focus on understanding the chapters and poems rather than memorizing them.
Tip- The question paper pattern is based mainly on the textbook itself.
Get familiar with the chapters by reading them time and again. Even if you do not intend on learning every single chapter, be sure to have read through it.
Solve sample papers and keep your practice ongoing. While solving these papers, what you need to stress on is speed and accuracy, so work on the same.
Tip: Math is a scoring subject; consider attempting even those sums that are optional, if time permits.
This subject is strongly based on concepts, you need to concentrate on chapters that you think you are weak in.
Difficult yet interesting. Chemistry is a subject that could earn you marks if you remember all the points. Try understanding the matter instead of mugging it all.
Get yourself the guides, textbooks, related books, etc., when it comes to biology. You could also take the help of CD packages, by typing ‘ICSE class 10 Biology CD’ online and getting access to some more helpful information.
This subject goes easy for students, as they always provide options galore.
Tip: Be sure to practice the maps, as they are simple and great for scoring marks.
As a student of class 10, it is essential for you to understand the value of your time. Also, as mentioned above, solve as many sample question papers, as you can. In a case, where you find yourself stumped and are unable to find the answers, you should look for ICSE class 10 solutions online.
Tip: Always remember, an unconventional way, like online CD study packages, will always keep you interested in studying and help you concentrate better, eventually leading you to higher grades.
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