CD packages for CBSE, ICSE and MH State Board

  • Social Science Course Structure for VII - Maharashtra Board


1.       India and the world
2.       The Rise of Regional Powers
3.       Economic, Social and Cultural Life
4.       The Sultanate of Delhi
5.       The Vijayanagar and Bahamani Kingdoms
6.       Religious Synthesis
7.       The foundation and expansion of the Mughal power
8.       The expansion of Mughal power
9.       The creation of the new centres of power
10.     Social life during the Mughal period
11.     Maharashtra before the times of Shivaji Maharaj
12.     The foundation of the Swaraj
13.     Conflict with Mughals
14.     The administration of the Swaraj
15.     A people's king
16.     The Maratha war of Independence
17.     The expansion of the Maratha power
18.     The third battle of Panipat
19.     The pillars of the Maratha power
20.     The Constitution of India
21.     Preamble to the Constitution
22.     Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizens
23.     Directive Principles of the Constitution
24.     Indian Democracy
25.     Union Government-- The Legislature
26.     Union Government-- The Executive and Judiciary
27.     The State Government
28.     The Universe
29.     The Sun, Earth and the Moon
30.     The Map
31.     Field Visit
32.     Hydrosphere
33.     Ocean Floor Relief and Oceanic Ozones
34.     Temperature and Salinity of Oceanic Water
35.     Movements of Ocean Water
36.     Human Occupations
37.     Population
38.    The Continent of Africa
39.    The Continent of North America
40.    The Continent of South America
41.    The United States of America
42.    Brazil
43.    Egypt
44.    Tanzania
45.    South Africa