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Maharashtra Board Class 5 Online Combo pack

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    Maharashtra Board Class 5 Study Package DESCRIPTION:
    This package contains entire syllabus of Maharashtra Board Class 5 Online Combo pack

    Maharashtra Board Class 5 SYLLABUS:
    Following are the subjects and chapters included in this package:

    Maharashtra Board Class 5 GENERAL SCIENCE OLD Chapters

    The Human Body - Some Internal Organs

    Digestion Of Food

    Food And Diet

    Germs And The Spread Of Disease

    Prevention Of Disease

    First Aid

    Natural Resources

    Soil Erosion

    The Particles Form Of Substances

    Some Properties Of Substances

    Types Of Changes

    Physical Changes

    Chemical Changes

    Maharashtra Board Class 5 MATHEMATICS OLD Chapters


    Operation Of Numbers


    Unitary Method


    Profit And Loss

    Measurement Of Time

    Equivalent Fractions

    Addition And Subtraction Of Fractions

    Multiplication And Division Of Fractions

    Geometry: Basic Concepts

    Angle And Triangle

    Roman Numericals

    Decimal Fraction

    Decimal Fractions-addition And Substraction



    Properties Of Rectangle And Square




    Statistical Data

    Maharashtra Board Class 5 SOCIAL SCIENCE OLD Chapters

    Cultural Diversity In India

    Science And Human Life

    The Age Of Reassiance In Europe

    The Age Of Revolutions

    The Advent Of The British Eastablishment Of Their Rule

    The National Uprising Of 1857

    The Impact Of British Rule

    New Ideas : New Vision

    Eastablishment Of The Indian National Congress

    The National Movement Spreads

    The Non-cooperation Movement

    Civil Diobedience

    Armed Revolutions

    Quit India

    Indian National Army

    India Wins Freedom

    Our Country

    Our Democracy

    Our Constitution

    Our Governance

    Our Duties

    Shape Of The Earth

    Locating A Place On The Earth

    Local Time And Standard Time

    Map Reading And Field Visit

    The Atmosphere


    The Biosphere

    India : Location And Extent

    India Physical Division

    India : Rivers

    India: Climate

    India: Water Resources & Marine Wealth

    India: Forest Wealth & Wild Life

    India: Mineral Wealth & Energy Resources

    India: The Population And Life Of The People

    India: Occupation Of The People

    India: Industries

    India : Transport, Communication And Trade

    India: Cities & Their Development

    India: Tourism

    Indian : Pollution Problems

    Maharashtra Board Class 5 MATHEMATICS Chapters

    Roman Numerals

    Number Work

    Addition And Subtraction

    Multiplication And Division




    Multiples And Factors

    Decimal Fractions

    Measuring Time

    Problems On Measurement

    Perimeter And Area

    Three Dimensional Objects And Nets



    Preparation For Algebra

    Maharashtra Board Class 5 ENVIRONMENTAL STUDY Chapters

    Our Earth And Our Solar System

    Motion Of The Earth

    The Earth And Its Living World

    Environmental Balance

    Family Values

    Rules Are For Everyone

    Let Us Solve Our Own Problems

    Public Facilities

    Maps-our Companions

    Getting To Know India

    Our Home And Environment

    Food For All

    Methods Of Preserving Food


    Communication And Mass Media


    Clothes--our Necessity

    The Environment And Us

    Constituents Of Food

    Our Emotional World

    Busy At Work---our Internal Organs

    Growth And Personality Development

    Infectious Disease And How To Prevent Them

    Substances, Objects And Energy

    Community Health And Hygiene

    Maharashtra Board Class 5 HOW WE CAME TO BE Chapters

    What Is History?

    History And The Concept O Time

    Life Of Earth


    Evolution Of Mankind

    Stone -age Stone Tools

    From Shelter To Village -settlements

    Beginning Of Settled Life

    Settled Life And Urban Civilization

    Historic Period

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