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ICSE Class 9 Online Combo Pack [Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics]

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    ICSE Class 9 Study Package DESCRIPTION:
    This package contains entire syllabus of ICSE Class 9 Online Combo Pack [Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics]

    ICSE Class 9 SYLLABUS:
    Following are the subjects and chapters included in this package:

    ICSE Class 9 Biology Chapters

    Introducing Biology

    Living, Non-living And Dead

    Cell :the Unit Of Life

    Tissues :plant And Animal Tissue

    Vegetative Propogation And Micropropagation

    The Flower

    Pollination And Fertilization

    Seed :structure And Germination

    Respiration In Plants


    Five Kingdom Classification

    Economic Importance Of Bacteria And Fungi


    Digestive System

    Movement And Locomotion

    Skin - The Jack Of All Trades

    The Respiratory System

    Diseases - Cause & Control

    Hygiene - A Key To Healthy Life

    Waste Generation And Management

    ICSE Class 9 Physics Chapters

    Estimation And Units

    Measuret Length , Volume, Time And Mass


    Motion In One Dimension

    Laws Of Motion

    Pressure Of Fulids And Its Transmission

    Uptrust In Fluids And Archimedes Principle

    Floatation And Relative Density

    Concept Of Heat

    Transfer Of Heat

    Energy Flow And Conservation Of Resources

    Reflection Of Light At A Plane Surface


    Propogation Of Sound Wave

    Static Electicity

    Current Electricity


    ICSE Class 9 Chemistry Chapters

    Matter And Its Composition

    Study Of Gas Laws

    Elements, Compounds And Mixtures

    The Language Of Chemistry

    Physical And Chemical Changes


    Atomic Structure

    The Periodic Table

    Study Of First Element Hydrogen

    Atmospheric Pressure

    ICSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapters

    Irrational Numbers

    Profit And Loss And Discount

    Compound Interest



    Change In The Subject Of Formula

    Linear Equation In One Variable

    Simultaneous (linear) Equations

    Graphical Solutions




    Congruency Of Triangles

    Isosceles Triangles



    Mid-point And Intercept Theorem

    Similarity Of Figures

    Phythagores Theorem

    Rectilinear Figures




    Mean And Median

    Perimeter And Area Of Plane Figures


    Trigonometrical Ratios

    Trigonometrical Ratios Of Standarad Angles

    Solution Of Right Triangles

    Co-ordinate Geometry

    Co-ordinate Geometry

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