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Maharashtra Board Class 7 Online Combo Pack [Maths, Science, Social Science]

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    Maharashtra Board Class 7 Study Package DESCRIPTION:
    This package contains entire syllabus of Maharashtra Board Class 7 Online Combo Pack [Maths, Science, Social Science]

    Maharashtra Board Class 7 SYLLABUS:
    Following are the subjects and chapters included in this package:

    Maharashtra Board Class 7 Science Chapters

    Natural Resources

    Water-a Natural Resources

    Propagation Of Lights

    Transmission Of Heat

    Effects Of Heat

    The Organisation Of Living Things

    Reproduction In Living Things

    Circulation Of Blood

    Classification Of Substances

    Sound-production Of Sound

    Propagation Of Sound

    Electric Charge

    Food And Nutrition

    Food And Protection Of Food

    Health And Disease

    Control And Co-ordination

    Acids, Bases And Salts

    Properties Of Water

    Maharashtra Board Class 7 Social Science Chapters

    India & The World

    The Rise Of Regional Power

    Economic, Social And Cultural Life

    The Sultanate Of Delhi

    The Vijaynagar And Bahamani Kingdoms

    Religious Synthesis

    The Foundation And Expansion Of The Mughal

    The Expansion Of The Mughal Power

    The Creationof The New Centres Of Power

    Social Life During The Mughal Period

    Maharastra Before The Times Of Shivaji Maharaj

    The Foundation Of The Swaraj

    Conflict With The Mughals

    The Administration Of The Swaraj

    A People's King

    The Maratha War Of Independence

    The Expansion Of The Maratha Power

    The Third Battle Of Panipat

    The Pillars Of Maratha Power

    The Constitution Of India

    Preamble To The Constitution

    Fundamental Rights And Duties Of Citizens

    Directive Principles Of The Constitution

    Indian Democracy

    Union Government-the Legislature

    Union Government-the Executive And The Judiciary

    The State Government

    The Universe

    The Sun,the Earth And The Moon

    The Map

    Field Visit


    Ocean Floor Relief And Oceanic Oozes

    Temperature And Salinity Of Ocean Water

    Movements Of Ocean Water

    Human Occupations


    The Continent Of Africa

    The Continent Of North Africa

    The Continent Of South Africa

    The United States Of America




    South Africa

    Maharashtra Board Class 7 Mathematics Chapters

    Properties Of Triangles

    Square And Square Roots




    Theorem Of Pythagoras

    Product Of Algebraic Expressions

    Construction Of Triangles


    Equations In One Variable

    Simple Interest

    Rational Numbers

    Operations Of Rational Numbers

    Profit And Loss


    Types Of Quadrilaterals



    Factors Of Algebraic Expressions

    Joint Bar Graphs

    Volume And Surface Area


    Construction Of Quadrilaterals

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