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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Online Combo Pack [Maths, Science, Social Science]

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    Maharashtra Board Class 10 Study Package DESCRIPTION:
    This package contains entire syllabus of Maharashtra Board Class 10 Online Combo Pack [Maths, Science, Social Science]

    Maharashtra Board Class 10 SYLLABUS:
    Following are the subjects and chapters included in this package:

    Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Chapters

    School Of Elements

    The Magic Of Chemical Reactions

    The Acid Base Chemistry

    The Electric Spark

    All About Electromagnetism

    Wonders Of Light Part - I

    Wonders Of Light Part - Ii

    Understanding Metals & Non-metals

    Amazing World Of Carbon Compounds

    Life's Internal Secretes

    The Regulators Of Life

    The Life Cycle

    Mapping Our Genes

    Striving For Better Environment I

    Striving For Better Environment Ii

    Maharashtra Board Class 10 Economics & Geography Chapters

    Physical Division Of India

    North Indian Mountains

    North Indian Plains----desert

    North Indian Plains----western(punjab And Haryana)

    North Indian Plains---central,eastern And Delta

    Peninsular Plateau Region----central

    Peninsular Plateau Region----deccan

    Ghats,coastal Plain And Indian Islands

    Practical Geography

    Introduction Of Economy

    Basic Problems Of Economy And Solutions


    Public Distribution System And Consumer Protection

    Maharashtra Board Class 10 Mathematics - I : Algebra Chapters

    Arithmetic Progression & Geometric Progression

    Quadratic Equations

    Linear Equations In Two Variables


    Statistics - I

    Statistics - Ii

    Maharashtra Board Class 10 Mathematics - II : Geometry Chapters



    Geometric Constructions


    Co-ordinate Geometry


    Maharashtra Board Class 10 History & Poltical science Chapters


    Twentieth Century-age Of Conflict

    Emancipation Of Asia And Africa

    World After Second World War


    Political Parties

    Democracy And Diversity

    Challenges Before Democracy

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