CD packages for CBSE, ICSE and MH State Board



To provide "Education at your Fingertips." In today's scenario, where the world is highly globalised & extremely competitive with the emergence of new advanced technologies, we need an equally modernized & scientifically based education system which empowers a student to face all types of challenges in education field/academics. As the child grows, his/her parents started dreaming about his/her career or ambition. They start searching a "way to excellence" in education system which is fully equipped with modern technologies & instruments, so that it can cater to the requirements of the parents & can also turn their dreams into reality.

So………, your search ends here. We provide you an e-learning A2E platform which enriches you not only with the appropriate theory knowledge but also practical knowledge in an easy way that you can have a good academic performance. A2E also prepares you thoroughly in securing good marks in exams. A2E offers best quality & contemporary modern education to develop children into dynamic & excellent individuals. A2E assures you that the future of your child is in the hands of highly qualified, motivated & efficient team. It will prove to be a boon to those students who wish to come out with flying colours & want to climb the ladders of success.


  • To impart quality education to each child.
  • To make education accessible as well as affordable.
  • To use the advantage of technology & give world class education to all.
  • A2E is an effort to provide the content of CBSE curriculum through PowerPoint & multimedia presentation complete with exhaustive tests and assignments.